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The 18th annual list of the 100 Best Companies
for Working Mothers, published by
Working Mother magazine notes that
77 of the top 100 companies offered work-site massage.
Sexual Harassment Policy PDF Print E-mail

Sexual advances toward clients by any therapist will not be tolerated. Immediate termination of the therapist will follow any complaint that is investigated and where legitimacy of the claim is determined.

Therapists who are approached by clients requesting sexual contact of any kind, or experience a client trying to touch them in any inappropriate manner shall end the session immediately and ask the client to dress and go pay for the session and then to leave the premises. Therapists shall leave the area and will not return until the client has departed. The client's name will be entered into the prohibited client database to prevent any subsequent appointments being made by the client.  A police report may also be filed outlining the incident. 

Therapists will not date or have any other external physical relationships with any client while that person is a client of  Massage Mavens for a period of at least six months after the client received his/her last massage. This does not apply to the current spouse or significant other of any therapist.

Massage Room Policy PDF Print E-mail

State draping regulations will be followed at all times by all therapists.

One parent will accompany clients under the age of 14 during the massage session. No visitors or children will be allowed at any other session.

Clients who are between the age of 15 and 17 shall have a signed service consent present or on file prior to receiving services.

All clients will turn off pagers, PDAs, and cell phones during each session unless otherwise agreed to by client and therapist.

Payment, Tips & Refund Policy PDF Print E-mail

Payment for services at community activities will be collected prior to service. New clients may be required to pay prior to the service. Established clients will be required to pay immediately after the service has been provided. Corporate fees for service will be invoiced with net 30 terms. A fee of 5% will be assessed to all amounts over thirty days past due and for each 30 days that there is a past due amount. Any fees associated with the collection of unpaid balances will be added to client balances.

 No therapist will solicit tips but gratuitities are gratefully accepted.

Credit card, debit card, personal check, or business check, may be used to make payments.

It is the responsibility of the client to fully express session expectations prior to the start of any session. Therapists will revise session plan to meet those stated expectations as long as they are made prior to the start of a session.


No refund will be made for services provided.


In leiu of a refund, a discount off subsequent sessions may be offered.


Should a client decide to discontinue a session that is in progress, charges for the full session may be assessed.

NSF Policy PDF Print E-mail
There will be a charge of $35.00 for any check returned NSF. Clients will be expected to pick up the check and pay for the services and the NSF fees within 10 days of notice of the NSF charges. Failure to follow this policy will result in the check being turned over to the district attorney's office for prosecution. Once a check has been turned over to the district attorney's office  Massage Mavens will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Any person/persons who issue more than one NSF check to Massage Mavens will be required to make all payments by credit card for future appointments.
Cancellation Policy PDF Print E-mail
Appointment Cancellation/No show/Late Policy

An appointment with a therapist is a commitment on your part to purchase that therapist's time, and other resources. This commitment is in effect unless appropriate cancellation of the appointment is made by you. When you make an appointment for one of our services, we reserve that time, and a therapist to provide you with those services. We do not sell those resources to anyone else because you have committed to purchasing those resources.

We require credit card information in order to hold an appointment on the schedule. If you have a gift card, we require the number off the back of the card in lieu of a credit card. We require credit card information for paper gift certificate holders as we have no way of invalidating that gift certificate should you not show up.

Cancellation Fee Assessments

No cancellation fee will be assessed for appointment cancellations made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If there is not 24-hour notice of cancellation, the full fee will be assessed.  Rescheduled appointment will require a 50% deposit will be required.  We realize there may be extenuating circumstances and cancellation fees may be waived in certain cases as long as the appointment is made and kept within 3-days of the original appointment. No discounts will be applicable to rescheduled appointments.

Late Fee Assessments

Clients who are up to 15 minutes late for appointments will be charged full session price, but the session may end at the same time that the scheduled appointment would have ended had the session started on time. Clients who are 15 to 30 minutes late will be charged a full session price but may receive only a thirty minute session. If the client is more than thirty minutes late the appointment may be cancelled altogether. In this instance, the cancellation fee schedule applies.

No Show

Full session fees will be assessed for scheduled appointments whenever the client does not show up for the appointment. No credit shall be given under these circumstances.